FishVille and Happy Aquarium both introduce the Kissing Fish

FishVille Kissing Fish in the Store
This week, the Kissing Fish has been nominated by FishVille and Happy Aquarium games as the most romantic fish for Valentine's Day. We're leaning toward the Happy Aquarium version, simply because you can breed them!

In FishVille, the Valentine's Kissing Fish will be available for a limited time. The premium pink fish with luscious lips costs 8 sand dollars, grows in 12 days (low-maintenance) and sells for a whopping 8,000 coins.

Next up, is Happy Aquarium, which gives you several ways to snag a kissing fish, either by buying one or begging friends to send one -- or both!
The Kissing Fish in the Happy Aquarium store

The cool thing about Happy Aquarium is that you can breed your fish, so you should acquire two Kissing fish if you want to have the most fun with this one. The girl fish can be purchased in the game's store for 125 coins (under the Special tab), and the boy fish can be gifted by friends. Once the two fish grow up, tap on them and watch them kiss and "spread love in your tank." Don't worry, it might sound racy, but it's totally safe for work.
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