Should YoVille players invest in Gold?

Should YoVille players invest in Gold?

The golden Cupid fountain was released recently with the Valentine's Day updates. However, this new item is not the first golden item. YoVille released a golden toilet for 10,000 coins last year. The shiny toilet is worth 100,000 coins (^v) now. Amazing right?

After that, a golden piggy bank was released for 20,000 coins. The jingling pig however is worth 50,000 coins (^v) . Yes, its price hasn't increased that much but you can't call it a bad investment.

The gold Cupid fountain is still in market for 25 YoCash. It's being sold for 15,000 coins and if you're a smart trader you can get it for less. It is s a good investment so grab a couple of them if you can afford to. You can view pictures of the piggy bank and fountain after the link.

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Do you plan on investing in gold?