Party Girl: Chinese New Year / Valentine's Day Mashups

A few times each century, the stars align and give us a fabulous double-header excuse for a party: Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year. They both fall on Sunday, February 14 this year, so take this golden opportunity to mix things up for an unexpected twist on both holidays.

Chinese Woo Year

Spend the dawn of the Year of the Tiger with your own lil' tiger. Deck out your pad in imperial shades of red - easy decor to pick up almost anywhere this time of year - and order in a spread of Chinese finger foods. Take turns feeding each other steamy dumplings, then cap off the meal with personalized fortune cookies - we'll leave the message up to your imaginations (or dirty minds, as the case may be).

ValenTiger's Day
Chinese New Year gives singletons the perfect excuse to shun the lovey-dovey trappings of a traditional Valentine's Day. Round up some of your single pals for a Chinese love-potluck: each guest brings not only a tasty Asian dish (takeout is perfectly acceptable), but a tasty single friend as well! Unless you've invited an even split of male/female guests, heteros should impose an opposite-sex rule to keep things balanced. Though on Cupid's big day, anything is possible!
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