NBA Homewreckers: Playas Lookin for Party Pads in Dallas

NBADallas will be non-stop basketball action starting today as the NBA All Star 2010 takes over Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. But that's not all those basketball stars and their entourages will be taking over.

Some homeowners advertised their All-Star pads on Craig's List., mostly condos, hoping to cash in on the event. And weeks ago Dallas Realtors started getting calls from party planners looking for high end, furnished homes on the market to lease for a wild night or two of partying -- some willing to pay up to $100,000 for a weekend crib. The homes had to have generous square footage, bars, heated pools and Jacuzzis, and ideally located near major highways for quick access. The payola was very tempting.
One agent had two calls from "handlers/agents" requesting furnished homes for parties. One was for $15,000 for the night, plus two days of prep and cleanup with a $10,000 deposit. The other was for her $5,950,000 listing (pictured above). For this pad they offered $10,000 as a deposit, $10,000 per party night and wanted to invite about 200 people to whoop it up in the 10,700 square foot home. They promised valet parking to keep the neighbors at bay.

Ideally, the homeowners would hand over the keys and say go for it.

"You think you'll make a quick buck, right?" says Allie Beth Allman agent Missy Woehr. "But our homeowner didn't want all those strangers rooting through their personal belongings."

One homeowner was offered a whopping $100,000 to let either P. Diddy, Kobe Bryant, or Russell Simmons have his 7910 square foot place for the weekend. He was told that a bevy of stars would grace the place -- Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Ashton Kutcher. They said the party would last all night and breakfast would be served at 8 a.m., after which he could feel free to return home.

The homeowner declined the offer but reports that the stars prefer renting private homes because they can be more secretive and avoid the paparazzi in hotels.

Still, we're sure some eager homeowners have succumbed. And they may be in for even bigger surprises than broken lamps and vases. Dallas police say they expect the number of prostitutes working the region to increase sharply, and some hookers may actually fly in just for the weekend work. So watch out Dallas, lease your home out this weekend, and its going to be plumb worn out come Monday.
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