Restaurant City introduces mystery gifts -- so mysterious!


Great news, all Restaurant City fans. Playfish is preparing us for a great surprise -- Mystery Gifts in Restaurant City!

What are the Restaurant City Mystery Gifts? Well... that's pretty tough to say at the moment, but they might just be gifts we can send to our friends. Here's the brief statement from PlayFish regarding the introduction of Mystery Gifts to Restaurant City:

"Mystery Gifts coming soon! We're putting the finishing touches on two special gifts for all Restaurant City players. Play every day this week to receive them both!"

So this might be something similar to the free ingredients I've just told you about - log in regularly to get the Mystery Boxes. What makes me more curious is - will there be just two new items, or two different types of Mystery Boxes? I guess that we'll see as soon as the update is released to the game. Until then, we can debate here and don't forget to check back soon to get all the details on the Restaurant City Mystery Gifts!

Article originally published on Social Games Help.