Mafia Wars Valentines Day Massacre Special Event


Mobsters all over the world, get ready to share the love... or not? Mafia Wars is preparing to launch a new Valentines Day event in our favorite mafia game. The event is going to be titled Valentines Day Massacre and it will certainly be very controversial!

The official announcement says: "This featured job will be played similarly to NYE featured job – it'll be broken up into three special jobs for you to choose from that each have timers, and you'll be awarded with unique Valentine's Day bonuses for each stage you complete. Finish the featured job for a cool mastery item! Because we want everyone to feelthe love and get the mastery item from the event , we'll be offering some extra help. You'll be able to use Reward Points to speed up the job timers, and will also have the option to ask for help from your mafia."