Mafia Wars Valentine's Day Massacre Collection: How to find 'em all

valentine's day massacre collection

There's nothing that speaks more to an obsessive personality than an opportunity to collect something -- whether it be marbles, old coins, Pokemon or in this case, the items for Mafia Wars' Valentine's Day Massacre Collection. Add a sense of urgency to the collecting process, as in the items will only be around "for a limited time, and we'll push everything aside (including work, significant others, bathing), just so we can say we collected 'em all.

So, let's put those obsessive urges to rest. There are seven pieces in the Valentine's Day Massacre collection, which include a Heart Tattoo, Shoot Them Moon, Stolen Heart, Heart Locket, Box of Chocolates, Love Bear and the Valentine. These special items can be found by different means, which are all outlined below.

1. The Heart Tattoo is a possible reward for completing the 'Trick Target to Attend Meeting' mission. This is the five-minute Valentine's Day Massacre mission., which, upon completion, gives you a 20% chance of collecting a rare item or a V-Day collection item.

2. The Shoot the Moon, Stolen Heart and Heart Locket items can be found, randomly, while completing any job.

3. The Box of Chocolates and Love Bear can be randomly looted while fighting other mafiosos.

4. The Valentine -- probably one of the easiest gifts to get -- can be gifted by friends.

5. After completing and vaulting the collection, players are rewarded with a Cupid's Arrow, a weapon with 37 attack and 27 defense.

mafia wars cupid's arrow

6. Normal collections can be vaulted numerous times for an extra bonus, but that's not the case with the Valentine's collection.

7. If you find extra items, they can be gifted to friends, who will most likely be indebted to you, like, forever.

8. If you need extra guidance on how to find these goodies, click the 'Find It' link above each item, and that will take you where you need to go, e.g. the fight tab, jobs tab, etc.

After all that hustle, is it really worth finding all of the Valentine's Day Massacre items? To our obsessive side, the answer is yes. For our more practical side, we can't help but wonder-- all that work for a hunters bow with 37 attack and 27 defense?

Did you vault your Valentine's Day Massacre Collection yet?
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