Mafia Love Meter Explained, Detailed

If you logged in today into your Mafia Wars account, you probably noticed that there's a new goodie over there: the Mafia Wars Love Meter in your Gift Safe House. What is this Love Meter and what can you earn from getting it to 100%? Read on to find out!

Your Mafia Warslove meter fills up as members of your Mafia oblige your requests for gifts - you get 10% of love for every gift you receive from your Mafia after you ask them for some, so you definitely need a really active Mafia!

If you manage to fill the Love Meter in time, you will receive a special, limited edition loot - Cupid - who in Mafia Wars is quite dangerous (46 attack, 27 defense). So get out there and ask your Mafia for some love!

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