Lavish Enron Condo for Sale in Houston

Condo of former Enron CEO Ken LayWho says profiting from someone's downfall is wrong? Especially when it's crooked former Enron CEO Kenneth Lay.

Lucky Lay, who swindled shareholders out of $11 million, and was outted during the Enron scandal in the early '00s, passed away of a heart attack before ever having to go to jail. And like Madoff, he left behind some sweet digs.

Like this beautiful, 12,827 square foot, 4-bedroom, 4-bath and 5 half-bath penthouse in the heart of Houston.

And guess what? The Lay's penthouse is for sale.
That's right, you can live in the house that Lay built for a mere $11.9 million. If you dare. Think of the bad karma: You'd be sleeping in the very penthouse that was paid for and furnished by cheating thousands out of their life's savings.

The Lays first bought the elaborate penthouse back in 1995. Condo of former Enron CEO Ken LayThe 33rd floor penthouse comes stocked -- 3 fireplaces, 4 balconies, 6 elevators, 10 privately owned underground parking spaces, a wine cellar, a 616-square-foot home office, a 22-foot dining room, a chilled water system, wet bar, an interior storage closet, and a multi-zoned cooling systems.

The reason Lay's widow, Linda, is selling the place; she's looking to downsize. Time to do some belt-tightening.
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