Jonathan Adler Preps Your Kids for the Design World


At Sunday's New York International Gift Fair, potter-turned design-maven Jonathan Adler released a new line of furniture. Everything was shiny, cheerful, colorful, poppy, bright, and accessible enough to be manageable, without ever getting either overwhelming, or overwhelmingly boring. There were throw pillows and rugs, armchairs and bookcases. In other words, it was totally Adler.

With just one catch. This was the launch of Jonathan Adler Junior, a new line of Adlerian products designed just for the design-happy whimsical-enough color-craving children of the parents with the resources to kit them out. Kids hoping to turn their worlds into Adler's will have to wait until May, when the line properly hits stores, and official word is that the company is "treating this as a teaser collection and will be expanding it in the future" (assuming all goes well?).

And there's a reason everything looked totally JA: "The Junior collection features furniture pieces identical to our regular collection only scaled to children." Items include Peruvian llama rugs, needlepoint pillows, baby alpaca throws and pillows, wallpaper, clocks, and mirrors.

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