Island Paradise Trophies Introduced


Meteor Games have decided to make our lives on the deserted islands of Island Paradisea bit spicier with the introduction of in-game trophies. Read on to find out all the details about the newly introduced Island Paradise trophies and requirements to get them!

Fish Line Novice - catch the indicated number of fish
Canine Comrade - Find your lost dog
Feline Friend - Find your lost cat
Leaf Lifter - Steal from the indicated number of trees
Tipper - Send a specific number of gifts
Recipient - Receive a specific number of gifts
Pet Assistant - adopt a specific number of pets
Green Thumbs - plant a specific number of flowers
Sand Comber - gather a specific number of salvages
Chicken scrounger - steal from 10 animals
Island hopper - steal from a specific number of crops
Fruit Fly - harvest a specific number of trees
Penny Pinching - earn a specific amount of coins
Keeper of the chickens - harvest a specific number of animals
Bargain Shopper - place a specific number of decorative items

Although I don't have solid data at the moment, I do believe that there are more levels of trophies in Island Paradise. What do you think about them?

Article originally published on Social Games Help.