Happy Pets: Take off the chill with two brand new fireplaces

happy pets fireplaces and other new items
happy pets fireplaces and other new items

If you're afraid your darling pets will catch a chill this winter, keep them warm and toasty with a brand new fireplace. Happy Pets introduced two new fireplaces to the store - the Brick Fireplace and the Goth Fireplace. Players must be at least level 14 to buy the brick fireplace, and if not, there's an option to buy it for 55 Facebook credits, which is roughly $5. The Goth fireplace can be had for 40 Facebook credits, roughly $4. A wood fireplace was previously introduced in the store, which can be purchased for 32 Facebook credits.

Other new items include a V-Day appropriate cupid statue, some mod furniture, a rooster and ... a bag of golf clubs? As cute as these virtual furballs are, they don't exactly seem to have the capacity to swing a 9 iron or practice putting indoors. Then again, the litter box could easily serve as a makeshift sand trap.

Which fireplace (if any) did you buy for your pets?