FishVille woos gamers with more V-Day Items

As though their new Kissing Fish wasn't enough, more Valentine-themed items have appeared in every category of the FishVille store. These include new plants, giftable items, decorations, gravel, and wallpapers for your tank.

And now, we bring you the full in-store preview...
Here are the new giftables under the Send Gifts tab. (NOTE: "Buildables" are a new item by FishVille. Basically, when you've collected all the Buildable pieces, you'll earn a special item.)

FishVille Valentine Giftables

The following is all the new V-Day decor at the store. Please note that the Sand Castle is also a Buildable item and that you can grab the Buildable V-Day Chocolates for 1 Sand Dollar too.

Lastly, here's the official scoop on the new environs:

ROMANCE FOR YOUR TANK! Get in the Valentine's spirit with some romantic new Environments for your tank! Create a relaxing atmosphere with the Sunset environment or pair it with the Lover's Lane gravel to complete the mood! These Environments can help make your fish tank truly unique!

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