Zynga fixes Chicken coop glitch in FarmVille

chicken coop glitch fix in FarmVille
chicken coop glitch fix in FarmVille

Zynga will be removing all excess Chickens and Chicken Coops attained through various past glitches!

They claim that having multiple Chicken Coops and thus the ability to yield multiple Mystery Eggs violates their policy because it not only hurts the stability of the game, it also disrupts the "FarmVille economy". Farmers in violation of the One Chicken Coop rule will be given the chance to salvage which Chickens they want as Zynga is moving excess Chickens to your gift box.

Over the next few days they will be addressing this issue and afterwards any user who obtains multiple coops via hacks or cheats may face consequences.

They are also encouraging other narcs players to report their fellow neighbors who violate the multiple chicken coop rule.

The official word from Zynga spokeswoman Lexilicious:

"Hey Farmers,

When the Chicken Coop feature was initially released, it was not intended for users to be able to have more than one chicken coop per farm.

Due to various glitches and bugs in the past few weeks, certain users were able to place multiple chicken coops on their farms, which is a violation of FarmVille policy.

In order to rectify this situation, the FarmVille team has removed all excess Chicken Coops. This means that all users who are in possession of more than one Chicken Coop will be affected by this release.

To ensure our players are not overly inconvenienced by this change, all chickens that are in excess coops will be placed in your Gift Box. If you have more than 30 Chickens in multiple coops, your gift box will expand to accommodate all of them. This should ensure that you do not lose any chickens that are housed in excess coops.

In addition to this, we will leave the most valuable Chicken Coop on your farm. For example: if you are in possession of two chicken coops, one will be removed. If one Coop has 20 chickens and the other Coop has 3, we will leave the coop with 20 chickens on your farm.

This update will be completed in stages over the next few days, as it is a fairly complicated fix. This means that certain users will lose their additional coops before others.

We understand that many of our players enjoy having multiple Chicken Coops, however allowing this is something that threatens the stability of FarmVille. Having multiple coops increases the chances of producing Mystery Eggs. Having too many Mystery Eggs present in the FarmVille economy can unbalance the game. To ensure the health and longevity of FarmVille, we must limit the number of Chicken Coops to one per user.

After this release, being in possession of multiple Chicken Coops may result in consequences, as additional coops can only be obtained via cheating or hacking. If you would like to report a user for having multiple coops, please feel free to contact Zynga Customer Support."

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion these glitches may have caused you and we would like to thank you for your patience and understanding while we continue to work through the Beta process."

Source: Official Zynga Forums

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