Two new PetVille challenges: Holla Back! and Roses & Kisses

petville challenges -- holla back roses n kisses
petville challenges -- holla back roses n kisses

released two new challenges this week, and players will have seven days to complete the challenges in exchange for special badges. Holla Back! -- the first of the new challenges -- is to get five replies to your comment posts this week, encouraging pet owners to make use of the new in-game comments system. Roses 'N Kisses -- a Valentine's-themed challenge -- asks players to accept five roses and five kisses from fellow players this week. Roses and kisses are both free giftables that will be around for a limited time -- until February 14, in fact.

Challenges have been a great new addition to PetVille, highlighting the different features of the game and giving players a little something extra to strive for other than cleaning and feeding their pets (and other people's pets, too). We'd like to see a few more innovative additions to the game, maybe a few more mini-games to accompany the balloon popping game that launched several weeks ago. A racing mini-game perhaps, where pets compete with others using cars purchased from the PetVille showroom? Just a thought.