Sorority Life on Facebook: Getting started guide

sorority life
sorority life

Sorority Life is a Facebook game similar to Mafia Wars. The main difference: you're in a sorority rather than a mob.

Like the other games on Facebook, you initially customize an avatar, before embarking on a quest to build the strongest sorority. You'll level up by recruiting sisters until your sorority reaches the maximum of 500. Having a strong sorority depends a great deal on the amount of sisters you have so you'll have to send invitations to your friends, asking them to join up.

To get started in Sorority Life, use the tabs at the top of th to explore the various features of Sorority Life:

From theMain Menu, click Socialize to access events and send sorority invitations to friends. To do a task, find one that you'd like to do, consider the cost and reward, and finally, click on Do Event. The main socialize page will also give you information such as how many sisters you have or how much energy you have etc.

The jobs menu has a list of jobs that you can perform at your level and how much they pay. To do a particular job you hit the start job button. The higher your level the more jobs you have available. At level one you only have a selection of two jobs (dog walker and dining hall assistant). Another job, barista, unlocks at level 5. In addition to your income the page shows your upkeep and when your next paycheck is due. In order to activate the bank tab you need to have at $10,000 to open an account.

sorority life jobs
sorority life jobs

The House Mom tab is similar to the Godfather in Mafia Wars except here you have brownie points. This tab allows you to purchase things with your brownie points such as energy refills enabling you to continue playing. Brownie points may be purchased with a credit card or paypal account.

On the fighttab you can attack other sorority sisters of similar house sizes, see who has attacked you (rivals), or destroy a girl on the burn list to earn the gratitude of other girls.

Your swag list contains items such as makeup, concert tickets etc. These things can be used to for confidence recovery or energy boost.

sorority life guide
sorority life guide

The Glam tab all the items such as wardrobes you have, keepsakes, sweethearts. You earn glam as you play the game. When you take on a rival, your sisters will outfit themselves in whatever accessories, outfits, rides, and boyfriends you own to boost your charm and popularity.

At the bottom of the page there is an accessories tab which shows hairstyles, sunglasses, shoes. You can also buy extras if you have enough money.

On the clothing tab you have casual outfits, cocktail, formal, costumes, athletic attire that you can buy.

Similarly, the rides tab is where you can see what rides you can purchase.

The Sweethearts tab lets you purchase a boyfriend.

sorority life rides
sorority life rides

Finally, the keepsake tab shows any keepsakes that you have earned. You earn keepsakes by doing events. You can also ask your friends for items by adding it to your wishlist. There are also many other tabs that allow you do things or give you information.

Head to Sorority Life to check it all out for yourself. There's a lot to see and the best way to discover it all is by exploring!

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