Player unlocks secret to super-fast Mafia Wars leveling

Tired of waiting for your energy to slooooowly refill so you can take on that next mission in Mafia Wars? A player by the name of Sam Bardelson seems to have stumbled upon a quick-leveling solution for all you impatient players. With a bit of research, he figured out a way to essentially "break" Mafia Wars, quickly leveling past friends who had been playing the game for months in a matter of days.

Bardelson's "winning" strategy had three main parts:
  • Get your Mafia to 500 members as quickly as possible: There are entire recruiting groups devoted to accomplishing this task, but think long and hard before inviting a bunch of strangers onto your real Facebook account.
  • Use the Fearless character type. The health regeneration bonus may seem rather useless, but Fearless characters have one key hidden talent...
  • Get promoted to "Top Mafia Wheelman" status by a member of your Mafia. This reduces the energy needed for each mission, and gives a small chance to complete missions without expending any energy at all. This is your ticket to quick leveling without waiting for your energy to fill back up.
Of course, playing Mafia Wars with this kind of determination sort of ruins the experience of slowly working towards a common goal with your friends. But for those of you that just can't wait to max out that experience bar, have at it.
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