Nothing Wrong With Dudes That Decorate

Last week, the New York Times' House & Home section ran a story on John Bowe, author of the book Us: Americans Talk about Love. The story ran under the "At Home With" rubric, a series of articles the House & Home section does frequently -and well- that documenst everything from Pentagram designer Paula Scher's incredibly designed Manhattan apartment to hoaxster Margaret B. Jones, the supposed author of Love and Consequences: A Memoir of Hope and Survival whose true identity as well-to-do Californian Margaret Seltzer was discovered after the Home section ran a story on her Eugene, Oregon house.

The point of the Bowe story was not that here is this man who is lonely and perhaps has fears of intimacy and sometimes has a hard time finding a woman who isn't so implausibly unavailable -she lives in Saipan! The point is that we find it utterly bizarre when single men decorate their own homes.