Newsflash: Brooklyn Development Not Dead

Forte (230 Ashland) in Brooklyn, NYCondo sales in fancy new skyscrapers may still be underwhelming in downtown Brooklyn, but development is no longer at a halt. Crain's New York reports that construction plans for the BAM Cultural district - a number of new and refurbished spaces housing arts organizations and performance spaces -- will be coming to fruition...eventually. Really.
Six projects, totaling $100 million, are slated for development in Fort Greene, a neighborhood famous for birthing cultural talents like Spike Lee and Rosie Perez. The Theater for a New Audience will be getting its own, newly constructed home; plus a new park's on the docket; and the Strand Theater will get a much-needed makeover. The Brooklyn Academy of Music will get a third venue (above) and will move its archives to a 4,000-square-foot gallery space on the ground floor of one of those fancy new skyscrapers, the Forte.

Meanwhile, the Forte (left), once one of those half-empty towers, has magically sold nearly all the inventory they put on the market, thanks to enormous price cuts. Same story at the once ill-fated Oro, nearby. Perhaps the percolating cultural projects are buoyed by the sudden rash of sales, or maybe they're just ready after nearly five years of planning. Theatre for a New Audience is planning to break ground in December, and BAM hopes to start on its own $50 million property in June.
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