Money College: The freshman 15, from a guy's-eye view

college food
college food

Editor's note: On Feb. 9, Money College writer Megan Cottrell talked about the "Freshman 15" from the perspective of losing weight and gaining in the wallet. Now it's the guys' turn, as Bill Burman takes on the topic most males would rather not think about as they wolf down nachos and blow bucks at the convenience store.

Getting that first taste of college freedom can be delicious: No restrictions, no rules, no problem. Everything is different now, and you're not just living large, you're living fat.

That last part, actually, is the problem. Many college freshman, once free of a structured environment, have a tendency to go nuts on doughnuts, and more. The "freshman 15" is a cliche for a reason: It happens more often than you think, and nothing can put a damper on a really fun first year of adult life and college experience than coming out the other end of it a chubby, sweaty, tired and broke sophomore.