Looking for Love? Try Your Neighbor

Anybody out there remember the Cameron Crowe movie Singles? In an improbably affordable Seattle apartment building of one-beds, neighbors not only knew each other, they knew each other...biblically. They were friends, lovers, spouses-to-be. Most of us who were single and living in one-bedrooms scoffed at the concept--how many of our neighbors do we even chat with at the mailbox, let alone, you know, love?

It turns out your own building isn't such a bad spot to scout out your next romance. The listings Web site Apartments.com just released a Valentine's Day survey, in which they polled 900 renters about loving close to home. Sure, more than half of those surveyed said they'd resisted lip-lock with the neighbors, but 32% had engaged in an intra-building relationship.

Apparently, relationships are sparked most often at the pool and the laundry room (those of us in laundry-less and pool-less buildings will have to be more creative), and others met at resident social functions. This should help the marketing departments of buildings that promote their pools, spas, screening rooms and basketball courts, all the social spaces where love could blossom. Not that love is only for residents of urban, luxury abodes. "One renter told Apartments.com they dated a new neighbor for four years after meeting him at a safety council meeting," they wrote.

And what about romance among the already coupled renters? Only three percent of those surveyed were wed or engaged. Apparently, those folks don't want the temptation and move to their own homes.
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