Gangster City: Six easy tips to get ahead

gangster city guide
So, you want to be a gangster, eh? Climbing the crime ladder isn't easy, especially when you have aspirations that go way beyond a low-level mafia flunkie. Fortunately, our Gangster City guide will show you just how to quickly rise through the ranks, crush enemies and leave them in the dust.
gangster city guide
1. To be more than just a street thug, it's important to master the missions of Gangster City to earn extra bonuses for each level mastered (there are three mastery levels per job). This will allow you to be much more successful than the average crook. Although it may seem tedious to slowly master the quests, putting the money, experience, and skill points to good use will allow you to do more quests at once, have stronger attacks or build stronger defense. Ultimately, mastering missions will make the subsequent quests easier to complete.
gangster city proptery
gangster city shop2. Buy all of the property you can. Any good slumlord knows that the more you own, the more cash you'll rake in. After all, every good gangster needs a few 'legitimate' business fronts. After buying up real estate, upgrade those properties as soon as possible. Each upgrade will cost a pretty penny, but it will also yield more cash and in time turn a profit. Keep an eye on which upgrades will open at which level and how much cash you will need. This will allow you to keep enough cash on hand to cover the upgrades the minute you are high enough level.

3. If diamonds are a girl's best friend, the shop will be yours in Gangster City. As a rising Capo, you must shop for better items. As soon as you can buy items that are better than the ones you own, do so. Nobody wants to be the only one with a knife and brass knuckles in a gunfight.
gangster city family
4. Invite your friends. Like in all Facebook games, in Gangster City, you'll need many friends. This will allow you to gain Family members and Associates. Your Family can be sent out to do jobs you cannot do yourself. Family jobs take time, but the rewards for family jobs are vastly more lucrative and valuable. Family jobs also allow you to continue making money while you are doing other things (like having to work in the real world). Family members will also add to your attack and defense as they are leveled up. Be sure to upgrade family members as soon as you level up. Doing so will earn you more attack and defense points quickly.
gangster city battle
5. Attack those who are less fortunate than you. Gangster City is not about being the nice guy, it is about being the guy on top. Gangsters are called gangsters because they fight in a gang. The larger your gang is the tougher you will be. The more associates you have the tougher you will be when you rob other gangsters. This means you get to pick on the little guy since he can't effectively fight back.playfish cash

6. The final tips is to support Gangster City. You need Playfish cash. Unfortunately, this can only be purchased with real world money. Yet, the best items in the store can only be bought with Playfish cash. For example, compare the M-29 pistol that has five attack points and four defense points with the katana that has an attack of fifteen and a defense of twenty. Both of these weapons can be obtained by level five but the Katana can only be bought with Playfish cash. If you want to be a true Capo of Capos, then this is the best way to gain an edge at any level.
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