'Flowers,' 'edible arrangements' and 'Dollar Tree' top V-Day searches

valentine's dayApparently many people are going to be receiving flowers and customized gifts this Valentine's Day, at least according to recent Internet searches.

Experian Hitwise, which measures Internet use in the United States and internationally, released its weekly data ending the week of Feb. 6, stating that the search terms "flowers" and "edible arrangements" ranked No. 1 and No. 2 for the online retail gift industry. Unfortunately or fortunately, and perhaps it's a sign of the times, "dollar tree" ranked No. 3.

Dollar Tree does offer some valuable finds, including $1 helium mylar balloons available for pick-up (think a $12 balloon bouquet) on Valentine's Day, $1 decorations and candy. If nothing else, the $1 gift bags or glass vases may come in handy.

The top Web sites visited were Gifts.com, ProFlowers, FTD and Hallmark.com, in that order, but coming down lower in the list was PersonalizationMall.com, Personal Creations and MY M&M's.

Both PersonalizationMall.com and Personal Creations offer personalized picture frames, clothing, towels and cheesy "couple plaques." My M&Ms personalizes, of course, M&M's candies in specialty colors and with pictures or personal messages -- and they're offering a bonus promotion of an extra bag if you buy three (mind you, a single bag starts at around $11.99.)

Lest you think Valentine's Day is just about women, the fastest moving search term was "Valentine's Day gifts for men." A few of the top hits was a list at Gather.com, which included "Romantic Interlude With You!" along with "Amorous Interlude With You!", Weekend Love Kits and Romantic Dinner Cruises for Two from Gifts.com and a keyring saying, "I'm Nuts About You!" (gag!) and love tokens from Links 2 Love.

Hmm, romantic interlude, weekend love kits, romantic cruise and love tokens for massages and kisses. Think the guys are trying to communicate something here?

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