FarmVille Updated Mystery Egg Prizes 02.09.10 [Spoiler]


In an update made on 02.09.10, FarmVille has updated the Mystery Egg prizes. The Mystery Eggs all contain various FarmVille collectablest such as Butterflies or Garden Tools from Collection sets.

:::Spoiler Alert:::

Here are some Confirmed Mystery Egg Prizes:

Golden Mystery Egg Prizes:

* Black Cottage
* Pink Cottage
* Copper Butterfly
* Grain Silo
* Gold Gnome
* 20 Fuel Refills
* Golden Chicken

Black Mystery Egg Prizes:

* Black Chicken

Brown Mystery Egg Prizes:

* Brown Chicken

White Mystery Egg Prizes:

* Groovy Scarecrow
* 20 XP
* Trowel (collectable)
* Spigot (collectable)
* White Chicken
* 1/5 Fuel Refill

What did you get in your Mystery Egg as of 02.10.10?

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.