FarmVille Cheats and Tips: Fast Leveling Guide

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Our Cheats and Tips series continue with FarmVille Cheats and Tips Zynga would probably rather you didn't know. Check out these great ways to level up quickly. Leveling up not only gives you access to better items, it also provides you with that precious Farm Cash we're all dying to get our hands on.
cheats farmville

Hay Bales

Hay bales are actually one of the best ways to level up in FarmVille. How you may ask? One hay bale gives you five experience points. Often, it is cheaper to buy tons of hay bales instead of just one building. You may spend 100,000 coins on a building only to receive 1,000 XP points, whereas if you buy 100,000 coins worth of hay bales you get 5,000 XP points! Plus they're good for making pretty farm art.

Chicken Coop Stuffing
This technique will get you more coins and once in a while, more Mystery Eggs! Chicken Coop Stuffing works like this: keep some extra chickens hanging out on your front lawn. Let them mature until the small pink carrot appears above their head. However, don't harvest them; simply leave them there. Then collect the eggs from your chicken coop and empty all of your coupe chickens into the yard. Pick one of your pink carrot-ed outdoor chickens and put it in the chicken coupe. Then, place all your other chickens back into the coop. Now collect your eggs from the coop again. Repeat with as many extra chickens as you like.
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Soy Bean Cheat
The Soy Bean Cheat involves plowing your land, planting cheap soybeans, and then deleting the plot and starting over. Continue to repeat this process for big experience pay off. Soy beans get the most XP points for the least amount of coins enabling you to level up quickly.
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