Daily Blogwatch: Which Countries Could Go Bankrupt? Which Companies?

Ten ways hedge funds and Wall Street steal information from corporations.

Which countries have the worst debt ratings?

When I first started trading for Victor Niederhoffer, he recommended I read Ted Williams' bookThe Science of Hitting. Brett Steenbarger (who also worked with Victor) just put together a nice post on: Trading lessons from baseball legend Ted Williams.
_____________A blast from the past: A 1997 interview with Galleon Group founder and insider-trading suspect Raj Rajaratnam.

Freakonomics answers the question we've all been wondering about: What keeps Glenn Beck up at night.

24/7 Wall Street with the four stocks that could be bankruptcy candidates.

Footnoted.org is one of the smartest blogs out there. Michelle Leder combs through hundreds of SEC filings a day to find the one or two gems that suggest a company might be lying (or worse) about their financials. Congrats to Michelle as she sells her blog to Morningstar. May every blog I link to have such success.

Nothing gets me as fired up as finding a good, cheap $5 stock. Stockerblog finds five stocks under $5 that he likes right now.

Great post: Be the CEO of your job.
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