Country Story Tips and Cheats - Getting Started Guide

country story
country story

Farm life has never been more enjoyable than with Playfish's game, Country Story. Country Story on Facebook allows you to plant and harvest crops from the comfort of your own desk chair. In addition, you'll tend fields and raise livestock till you have more animals than Old MacDonald himself.

To begin creating your farm, start by tilling the soil for your first crops. After you have created a plot for your vegetables, make sure that your plants are watered and tended to.Once the plants have reached maturity, harvest your crops and sell them at the local farmers market for Coins.

In addition to raising crops for the harvest, there are a whole menagerie of farm yard animals to raise on your farm. Make sure that you keep your animals well fed and give them enough love so that they grow up happy and strong.

Quests and Leveling
Throughout the game, members of your village will approach you with different quests for you to complete. Upon finishing a quest, you will be awarded with different prizes that can be used on your farm. For each quest you complete and for every farm chore you do, you will also receive experience which will allow you to plant more crops and raise more livestock. However, be aware that the more work your character does, the more tired they become. Make sure to keep lots of food handy to give your character that much needed boost.

country story decorations
country story decorations

There are loads of decorative items that can be purchased in Country Story's town that will make your farm feel more personal and unique. Decorative trees, fences and farm equipment can all be bought and arranged however you see fit.

country story friends
country story friends

Our favorite Country Story feature is the constant ability to play with your friends! Trade rare items with each other and help with chores while your buddies are away. Also, every time you visit a friend's farm, you'll be given free gifts that will help you build your own farm.