Valentine's Day is the best time to buy a sports car

There's nothing like cruising down the highway, wind whipping through your hair in a sporty two-seater to stir up romantic feelings.

Whether you're playing the parts of Cary Grant and Grace Kelly in "To Catch a Thief," enjoying a first date in an Alfa Romeo like Dustin Hoffman and Katherine Ross did in "The Graduate" or flying through the desert in your "Schaguar" like Mike Meyers and Elizabeth Hurley in "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery," there's no arguing with the romantic feelings that a fast car brings.

Even better than spending Valentine's Day in a sports car, right now is one of the best times to buy a one.
With this in mind we went looking for the best sports cars to turn up the heat, and the speed, on Valentine's Day and AutoTrader provided us with the following list of top 10 two-seater sports cars based on searches of
  1. Chevrolet Corvette – $48,000, or $100,000-plus for the Corvette ZR1 model
  2. Nissan 370Z – Starts around $29,990, and tops out in the low $40,000s for the NISMO (Nissan Motorsport) edition
  3. Audi R8 – Starts around $114,000
  4. Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG – MSRP of almost $195,000
  5. Mazda Miata MX5 – Starts at just under $24,000
  6. Pontiac Solstice – MSRP of around 26,895.00
  7. Porsche Cayman – Starts just above $51,000
  8. Mercedes-Benz SLR – Starts at $495,000
  9. Lamborghini Murcielago – Starts at $450,000
  10. Dodge Viper – $91,000
Many of us would trade an romantic night on the town for the chance to take one of these sports cars around the city on Valentine's Day even if it meant skipping dinner altogether. A popular choice for an evening out is to rent a sports car from a local agency, but if you are looking to buy, you best do it while snow is on the ground.

"If you know you want to be picking one up [a sports car] for this summer, and maybe they've got spring fever early, or know that they are going to catch a bad case of it; they can certainly get a good deal by purchasing it while it's still cold out." Shawn Tucker an auto analyst at told WalletPop in a phone interview. This is especially true if a dealer has had a convertible sitting on their lot, under a blanket of snow, for the last several months.

How much will you save by braving the cold for a new coupe? "You might be looking at a savings of 5 or so percent," said Shawn, "which on some of those cars could still be worth it."

Speaking of good deals, Tucker pointed us towards the sleek looking Pontiac Solstice as an example of a sports car that can be picked up at a good price -- so long as you can find on one the lot. While the Solstice has been discontinued and might be hard to find at a dealership, Tucker tells us that, "Most dealerships have been given incentives by General Motors," which means there's a great opportunity to own a sports car without breaking the bank.

If you want to impress your loved one I suggest you whisper the three words everyone wants to hear on Valentine's Day in their ear, "Vroom, Vroom, Vroom!"
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