PetVille pet need a change of scenery? Now you can buy a new one

petville scenery arrives in the game's new premium store

If your pet's tired of looking out the window at the same old suburban houses, it might be time to buy a new one. In PetVille's newly launched Premium store , four new window views are for sale. Once you buy and apply them, your pet's view will go from drab to fab.

Here's the kicker -- only one of the four views can be purchased with coins -- the rest cost PetVille cash, which means you'll have to spend real-life money to buy them. The cityscape view -- called Big City Scenery -- can be had for 20,000 coins. The other three, more 'premium' views include Moonlit Meadow (18 PV), Tropical Vacation Scenery (22 PV) and Scenic Countryside (14 PV). Looks like visiting a tropical island costs more in virtual life, too.
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