Pet Society kicks into overdrive for Valentine's Day

pet society valentine's day releases
pet society valentine's day releases

You know those people who love -- and I mean love -- any and every holiday? You know -- the person who starts decorating for Christmas as soon as the Halloween decorations come down and is known to deck the halls for even the most minor holidays, like, say, President's Day?

This week, Pet Society is starting to remind us of one of those holiday obsessed people, as the game unloads yet another round of Valentine's Day themed items that will allow players can spread more love than a cage full of rabbits. Of course, everything is so darn adorable, that we can't really blame the game makers for releasing so many new items.

Valentine's Day specials that caught our eye this week include the plush Heart Sofa from the Luxury store, the Pink Heart Shades and Cupid Golden Wings from the Clothes store and the adorable Heart Cactus from the Garden store. If these don't ring your bell, check out this week's complete lineup of new items and let the love celebration commence.

Also -- a friendly reminder -- items marked 'HS' will only be available until 7 p.m. EST, February 14.