No seed shortage for gardeners this spring, despite reports to the contrary

home garden seeds not in short supply
home garden seeds not in short supply

Thanks to the recession, more Americans are interested in growing their own vegetables. Bad timing, according to an Associated Press report that seeds for some popular veggies might be in short supply this spring.

However, I had the chance to speak by phone with George Ball, chairman of the home-garden seed industry leader W. Atlee Burpee & Co., who told me that its supply of home garden seeds was plentiful.

The AP reported that an industry representative from the Chas.C. Hart Seed Co. expressed concern that, thanks to increased demand from Europeans and a poor growing season last summer, cucumber, onion, snap pea and carrot seeds could be in short supply. Ball told me that while this could be true for some smaller companies, overall the supply should be adequate for even the increased demand that he's seen over the past two years.

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