Man-up: Free pants from Dockers


Where I come from, traipsing around in underwear that possesses only a memory of elastic is referred to as doing the walk of shame. But maybe that's just me. In a message that manages to channel both Lady GaGa and the dudes from The Full Monty, Dockers debuted its newest ad campaign during Sunday's Super Bowl and Testosterone Fest aptly entitled, Men Without Pants.

Striding boldly up a grassy knoll, wearing nothing but tighty-whities and casual Friday separates, an a cappella group of regular Joe's sing an anti-pant anthem and provide a cheeky look at Docker's new message to Man-kind: it's time to take back masculinity and start "wearing the pants."

Inspired by the idea that somewhere between manscaping and metrosexuals, manhood has taken a hit, Jim Calhoun, president of Dockers Brand, said he hopes the campaign will spark a discussion about what it means to be a real man in the 21st century. In his words, one who can "change a tire and a diaper." Personally, I've got a cell phone and Triple A, if push comes to shove, I pick diaper. But then I'm not a guy.

Pointing to recently-released studies from the Pew Research Group (The Rise of Wives), an article in the New York Times (More Men Marrying Wealthier Women by Sam Roberts), and an NPR report (Human Male: Still a Work in Progress), Dockers says it is capitalizing on an emerging trend. Man-up guys, step away from the stonewash and get yourselves some serious anti-wussie wear: khaki pants. Or, do your laundry.

However, if finances don't allow, Dockers has got your back(side). It will be giving away 2,010 pair of free khaki pants at (Insert chest bump, here) Nothing like a little wrinkle-resistant twill to put some swagger in a guy's step.

Real men who download Shazam software to their smartphones can also tag the ad and enter to win pants via mobile. (OMG, knuckles and a shot of Scotch neat).

Winners will find out instantly if they have scored a pair (of pants) and can enter daily until February 15. In the meantime, put down the quiche, and may the best man win.