Mafia Wars pirate added to special loot lineup

mafia wars pirate special loot lineupWith the recent release of Mafia Wars Bangkok -- we've been introduced to the benefits of working with either the Yakuza or Triads, the joys of earning Thai Baht and, now, of locating the pirate, a special loot item -- much like the Politico Corrupto in Cuba -- required to pull off certain high-level jobs.

Pirates can be earned by taking over the Piracy Operation business in Mafia Wars Bangkok, which is unlocked by mastering the 'Secure a Pirate Vessel' job. Players will start out earning one pirate every three hours, with a total capacity of five pirates.

mafia wars piracy operation

The pirates will then be used in Bangkok: Episode 3: Pirate (Chapter 3) for the job titled "Steal Japanese Auto Shipping Containers."

If you know how many pirates total you'll need to to complete the shipping container heist, drop a note in the comments below.
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