How to hire a snow shoveler, avoid the flakes

snow shovelSo you'd prefer to stay by the fire and let someone else clear your driveway and sidewalk during the next snowstorm?

Make sure you follow the WalletPop checklist from Mike Stevens, the owner of the industry newsletter Snowplow News, and Kevin Arroyo, the owner of R and A Cleaning snow removal in Staten Island, N.Y., so you don't get snowed.

  • Pay AFTER the job is done. This is your No. 1 defense against shoddy work. In many cases of a primarily cash-only business, it can be your only defense.
  • Make sure the snow removers have the equipment they claim to have.
  • Write up a simple contract spelling out that the snow remover will pay for any damages.
  • Before the job, keep tabs on where the snow remover is to confirm that he'll be there when you need him.
  • If you're really concerned about getting ripped off, then hire an insured, reputable snow removal company. Check them out on the Internet.
  • Once the snow remover piles up a solid track record, you can propose an arrangement before it snows, securing future service for less.
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