Cafe World glitch: Valentine's gifts refuse to open

cafe world v-day gifts glitch
Cafe World has a special Valentine's gift exchange going -- with one small problem. The gifts that players sent to friends were set to open on February 9, and the packages are still shut tight. The official Cafe World forums have been buzzing about this glitch, and players -- to say the least -- are disappointed.

"This game is starting to **** me off. You tell your users that the gifts will be able to open on the 9th, well its the 9th," says Farmer Bingo.

Other commenters have been more temperate, pointing out the message at the top of the Cafe World page that reads, "Hiya Chefs! We're hard at work unwrapping all these Valentine's gifts for you ... just a little while longer now. Great things come to those who wait."
cafe world v-day gifts
We hope so -- look at these gifts in the image below; they're begging to be opened and unveil the surprise inside. Anyone have a guess?

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