Ashley Olsen Listing at a Loss in L.A.

The "Dualstar" production company may have made Ashely Olsen and her sister Mary-Kate rich child stars, but, the stars are not lining up for the sale of Ashley's home. Ashley bought her surprisingly modest Spanish-style home in Los Angeles for $1,595,000 back in 2007. She's just placed it on the market for $1,399,000.

(For anyone still unable to tell the twins apart, Ashley is described as the one who does "not dress like a very rich and homeless senior citizen." )

Ashley's corner-lot home sports three bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms, a pool, beamed-ceiling living room, and herringbone-wood-pattern floors. It even has a second-floor balcony overlooking the tony Hancock Park area. For privacy's sake the property is surrounded by tall hedges.

But, two mysteries surround the house....
The first mystery is that public records indicate that a not-so-nice "Notice of Default" was filed on the property in April of 2009. Wha-? This must be some sort of clerical error. Ashley has enough to pay for this and a dozen or more homes just like it - in cash.

The second mystery is, did Ashley ever live here? The listing indicates several upgrades to the home: new heating and air and titled bathrooms. Since 2007 the twins have been back and forth between New York and Los Angeles. Perhaps this was purchased as an investment?

The Olsen twins left the Los Angeles area in 2004 to attend, and promptly drop out of, NYU. While there they rented a place on West 13th Street where they angered and annoyed their neighbors. (The other celebs who lived in the 'hood at the time were Sarah Jessica Parker, Gisele Bundchen, Julianne Moore and Liv Tyler.) While in New York they purchased a 5,725 square foot condo, which they've listed for rent for just $42,500 a month.

Are stars really just like you and me? It appears so, as Scarlett Johansson recently listed her house at a loss, too.

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