Top 5 Apps for the Big App-le

Mayor Bloomberg held a competition for Android and iPhone mobile apps to help New Yorker become, in the words of the contest, "more transparent, more accessible, and more accountable." The winner won a cool $20,000 and lunch with the mayor.

Check out these winning apps and download one or more of them ...
Grand Prize: WayFinder NYC by Victor S. in Brooklyn.

WayFinder NYC uses data from New Jersey PATH to determine the nearest public transit station. The way it works is pretty cool: hold your phone up to the landscape horizontally like you were going to take a photo. You will see a live view of all the stations near you by panning your phone left and right. Point your phone to the ground to see your current location and a list of stations sorted by distance.

Second Prize: TaxiHack by Randy M. in Brooklyn

TaxiHack gives you real-time information about the experiences (good and bad) of taxi drivers in the city. Register a compliment or complaint by medallion number or the driver's ID by sending a text or a tweet. Also helpful: lost and found requests.

Third Prize: Big Apple Ed by Adda B. in Brooklyn

Big Apple Ed helps you find in-depth information on your nearest public school. Future releases will include private and parochial school data. Search for a school and find top 10 lists, analysis, comparison charts, and detailed school profiles.

Favorite Honorable Mention: Trees Near You by Brett C., Park Slope

Ever wondered what kind of tree lives on your block, and how it impacts your neighborhood in environmental and monetary ways? Look no further than Trees Near You, which uses GPS to list trees near your location and give you data such as species information. Calculate the environmental and monetary benefits generated by trees in any area of your choosing (big or small), including CO2 offset, money saved from energy savings, and storm water drainage prevention.

Check out the full list of winning apps and all the honorable mentions here.

Not in NYC? Don't feel left out. Check out BlockChalk - the app that lets you leave virtual graffiti and messages to your neighbors at the coffee shop or any other physical location nationwide.
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