Where Will Scarlett Johansson Lay Her Head?


The talented and beautiful Scarlett Johansson has a stellar career, hunky husband, and a debut album called "Anywhere I Lay My Head." Oh, and a gorgeous 1931 Spanish-style mansion. What could possibly be missing from Sco Jo's charmed life?

Umm.... a reason for listing the home for sale at a huge loss?

That's right: Scarlett purchased the lovely home back in May, 2007 for $7 million. According to the Real Estalker, she extensively renovated the home with new windows, doors, and even solar power-generated electricity. As you can see from these photos, this Hollywood Hills beaut features a sunny atrium, chef's kitchen and period-style kitchen with new, high-end appliances. So why the new price tag of just $4.995 million?

Even movie stars are unlikely to happily part ways with a cool $2 million, and in Scarlett's case, it wouldn't be the first time she sold at a loss....