Sweet L.A. Rental: Los Feliz Sublet for $1,500

Home sweet gosh-darn home! Look at this place. It's one hell of the sweet rental. This 2 bedroom, 1 bath, lower-portion of a house looks like it's straight out of the Main Street USA Fourth of July parade at Disneyland. Look at it. You'd expect a pie to be cooling on the windowsill and a lemonade stand set up right in the front yard as a potato sack race takes place amongst the neighbors. Is that a perfectly manicured green lawn I see?

Instead of this quiet little hamlet being situated in Mayberry, it's
located smack in the middle of the hipster-heaven of Los Feliz - all for the reasonable price tag of $1,500.

Read on to find out the skinny about this sweet rental.....

Unless this sweet rental is haunted, it seem like an ideal place to call home. Well at least for a few months. The current renter is going abroad and has assured us that it's available to the end of March with the possibility of taking over the lease after that. Right now the second bedroom is used an office (we all can use an office every now-and-then). This large, garden apartment inside the Disneyland-like 1920's Craftsman comes fully furnished. And rumor has it that the upstairs neighbors are "cool-ass." Did we mention it also comes with a washer/dryer?

Plus, the neighborhood of Los Feliz is wicked, not to mention right around the corner from Griffith Park Observatory. If that's not your thing, then there are great local movie theaters, restaurants, bars, and the classic diner, Fred 62. Have a fine meal then skip all the way home.

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