Mafia Wars offers Valentine's-themed missions, items


St. Valentine's Day might be almost a week away, but Mafia Wars isn't waiting to give gifts to its beloved players. Starting today, Mobsters will be able to take part in a new job -- "The Valentine's Day Massacre" -- made up of three timed sub-jobs, each with "unique Valentine's Day bonuses" and a "cool mastery item" at the end of the chain. Completing the jobs also gives you a chance at limited edition loot drops, which can be collected together in the vault to gain what Zynga calls the "coveted Cupid's Arrow." We're not sure how they know it's coveted, since almost no one has it yet, but come on, we bet you're coveting it already, aren't ya?

Zynga is also putting an interesting social-gaming twist on the holiday this year with the "Gift Safehouse -- Mafia Love Edition." If you want yet another special, limited edition item this Valentine's day, you have to get members of your Mafia to send you special love-themed gifts to fill up a special "Love Meter." (Since when are gangsters so obsessed with love? Sheesh!). Be careful, though... if your fellow Mafia-mates don't respect you, they can send gag gifts that actually lower your love meter when opened. Cute idea, but a word of advice -- don't send a gag gift to your real life love... unless you enjoy sleeping on the couch.