Mafia Wars Bangkok Episodes 3-5 unlocked, fighting enabled


mafia wars bangkok episodes
mafia wars bangkok episodes

Mafia Wars Bangkok Episodes 3, 4 and 5 have officially opened, giving would-be mobsters more opportunity to expand their criminal empire to the Far East. Episode 3 is titled Pirates, Episode 4 is titled Golden Triangle and Episode 5 is called 'Hong Kong" -- we assume that means our bloody trip through Thailand will make a stop in Hong Kong. Each of new Episodes will be unlocked after finishing the preceding Episode.

Fighting has also been enabled in Mafia Wars Bangkok, meaning mafiosos can go head to head for extra Baht (the in-game currency), experience points and for the first time -- faction points. Attack enemies aligned with the Yakuza to score points with the Triad and vice versa. Players can declare war on friends and put others on hitlists, which both require the rest of your mafia to lend a hand to win.

Mafia Wars Bangkok is the new expansion to Zynga's mobbed up Facebook game, which launched on January 29 for players level 18 and up. If you're ready to take over Thailand, learn everything you need to know in this Mafia Wars Bangkok guide.