Happy Pets gets new room expansions, dog breeds


While you were busy stuffing your face with nachos and watching the Super Bowl this weekend (you PIG!), Happy Pets was keeping busy rolling out new updates to its popular Facebook game. First, on Saturday, the game finally offered the option to expand your room, offering more side to side space and also more depth, allowing your pets to cavort in the foreground or the backgroundfor the first time. Like the corner drug pusher, Happy Pets will give you the first such expansion for free, but the rest are gonna cost you Facebook dollars. [Via SocialGameCentral]

Then, on Sunday, a set of eight new dog breeds joined the Happy Pets family. Poodles, Dobermans, Spotted Dogs, German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Rottweillers, Hound Dogs, Huskies, Dalmatians are all available in exchange for your hard earned coins. How can you say no to those big, round eyes? YOU CAN'T! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!