Getting Hotter (and Colder) in the Bedroom

Do you prefer the cool side of the pillow? Or are you constantly freezing while your partner complains of being too hot? The world's first heating and cooling mattress, called the ChiliBed, may be the answer. It debuted last week at the World Market Center Las Vegas.

The temperature-controlled natural foam mattress is made entirely of soy. Unlike most mattresses, the ChiliBed allows you to enjoy bed temperatures of 48-118 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, its environmentally friendly in two ways: first, its natural construction without chemical off-gassing, and secondly, it reduces utility load and costs associated with heating or cooling your bedroom.

Perhaps the mattress is out of your budget. Worry not! You can still be enjoy Chili technology - a more budget-friendly mattress pad cover called the ChiliPad is also available.

Interestingly, the inventor, Todd Youngblood, is the nephew of the man credited with inventing the water bed in the 1960s. We spoke to him about the ChiliPad...

Rented Spaces: How did you come up with the idea for the ChiliPad?

Todd Youngblood: It goes back to stories from my uncle Charlie Hall who used to talk about his waterbed inventing days and how it wasn't a viable product until he figured out how to heat it. It seemed amazing to me that with an $8 billion mattress and accessory market in the U.S. there is no other way to effectively cool a mattress if you sleep hot.

RS: Why is the ChiliPad superior to other sleep-enhancing products?

TY: There's been a dramatic increase in sales of memory foam mattresses that retain heat far more than conventional mattresses. Our philosophy is, instead of heating or cooling the entire house to sleep at night, it is far more economical and effective to cool or heat your mattress instead.

RS: How was the reaction at its debut in Vegas?

TY: Fantastic! We received our strongest reception yet. The new Chilibed product line seems to fit an important need for both retailers and consumers alike.

RS: Where can Chilipads be purchased?

TY: The product can be purchased on our website or at mattress online retailers across the country.

RS: Cool! We're always on the look out for mattress options, because sleeping well can really make a difference when it comes to enjoying your apartment. Thanks for talking with us.

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