FarmVille Valentine's Box Prizes! (Spoiler)

Having fun collecting your Valentines?

If you want the prizes to be a surprise, please do not read this post. After collecting enough Valentines in your Valentine Box, you can then trade them in for a special limited edition Valentine's themed prize that you will not be able to purchase elsewhere.

Here are the Confirmed Valentines Trade-In Prizes:
  • 10 Valentines = Love Ewe (animal)
  • 20 Valentines = Giant Teddy (decoration)
  • 30 Valentines = Pigs in Love (balloon)
  • 40 Valentines = Pecking Ducks (bench)
  • 50 Valentines = 3 Hearts Fountain
  • 150 Valentines = Eiffel Tower
FarmVille Redeemable Valentine Gifts
FarmVille Eiffel Tower Gift

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