FarmVille new Valentine's Decorations Set

In a very delayed update, FarmVille has added lots of new Valentine's themed decorations to help get your farm in love mode.

These special limited edition decorations can be purchased in the FarmVille market for the next 7 days. They require either farm cash or coins to purchase. Those items purchasable with farm cash only, are also sendable items that may be purchased and then sent as gifts to your FarmVille neighbors.

All of the new Valentines decorations except two require farm cash.

Valentine's Decorations (farm cash only)

  • Swan Fountain – 24 FV$

  • Cupid Gnome – 18 FV$

  • Love Balloon – 18 FV$

  • Cupig – 15 FV$

  • I Love You I – 2FV$

  • I Love You II – 2FV$

  • XOXO – 2FV$

  • 5 Valentines (works with the Valentines Box) – 5FV$

Valentines Decoration (coins)

  • Love Arch – 2,200 coins

  • Valentine's Box – 1 coin, if needed for replacement due to deletion error. You may only own ONE.

Which Valentines decoration is your favorite?