FarmVille free Giftable Valentines

FarmVille has added five new free giftable Valentines.

You may send these gifts to your FarmVille neighbors for a limited amount of time, and likewise, the only way to receive one of these gifts is as a gift from one of your neigbhors.

They cannot be purchased in the FarmVille Market.

Any of these items can be placed in the Valentine's Box!

The Valentines Giftables include:
  • Red Heart-Shaped Candy Box
  • Purple Roses
  • Blue Teddy Bear
  • Valentines Cards
  • Blue Round Box

FarmVille Red Heart-Shaped
Candy Box Giftable

FarmVille Purple Roses Giftable

FarmVille Blue Teddy Bear Giftable

FarmVille Valentines Cards Giftable

FarmVille Blue Round Box Giftable

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