Colts Super Bowl T-shirts head to Haiti

Super Bowl
Super Bowl

The Colts may have lost the Super Bowl, but to the people of Haiti, they are champions -- at least on the National Football League championship merchandise now headed to the earthquake-ravaged country.

The NFL and its merchandise partners always make two sets of championship gear, such as T-shirts and hats, to sell immediately following the Super Bowl. Since the New Orleans Saints won Sunday's game 31-17, the humanitarian organization World Vision is now set to ship Indianapolis Colts championship gear to earthquake victims in Haiti.

Last year, Arizona Cardinals gear went to El Salvador, and before that, New England Patriots T-shirts emblazoned with "19-0" (whoops!) were sent to Nicaragua.

World Vision estimates the losing team's gear is worth about $2 million. But it begs the question: assuming the inhabitants of these countries know what on Earth a "Super Bowl" is, do they think these teams actually won? If so, rock on Colts! You're still winners somewhere.