Sweet L.A. Rental: 1-Bdrm House Near USC for $1,050

Holy mama: this sweet rental gives you more bang for your buck. You get a 1-bedroom, 1-bath duplex for just $1,050. You can barely get a shoebox-sized hovel in New York for that price. Here in L.A., near USC you get your own private Idaho, with a delightful front and backyard; situated close to school for all you Trojans out there. Did we mention it has a beautiful garden? Well it does.

This sweet rental has all the charms of small town living right in the middle of one of the largest cities in the U.S.

Imagine living in a clean, quiet, neighborhood right in the shadows of the University of Southern California; the prestigious institution that schooled such notables as George Lucas, John Wayne, astronaut Neil Armstrong, and "Funny People" director Judd Apatow. Perhaps, as a USC student George Lucas might have considered moving into this beautiful 1 bedroom duplex complete with new kitchen and covered car space.

What do you think? Why not live here and be the next George Lucas for a very reasonable price. Use the cash you save to buy the entire Star Wars series on DVD.

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