Playfish's next big game -- MaddenVille

madden coming to facebook
madden coming to facebook

When Electronic Arts bought Playfish for $300 million last year, the intentions seemed clear. Buying the burgeoning social gaming company would 1. Give EA instant entree into the burgeoning Facebook gaming scene courtesy of Pet Society and Restaurant City and 2. Give Playfish a chance to spread its wings and turn popular EA gaming franchises into social gaming.

Looks like the first blockbuster EA franchise that's getting the Playfish treatment, via, will be Madden -- the best-selling football game, which has been around just over two decades.

"We have to make 'Madden' more accessible," EA Sports President Peter Moore says in a TV interview. "You'll see us on Facebook going forward."

Other than the fact that Madden for Facebook will be a 'simpler' experience, there are no details on an official name, the actual game or a release date. The annually released Madden always arrives in August, so it's plausible to think this new rendition of the game will arrive around the same time.