The exotic Bird Wrasse and Discus fish swim into Happy Aquarium

The exotic Bird Wrasse and Discus fish swim into Happy Aquarium

So you've used new stackable props to create a thriving fish metropolis of wonder and might, but maybe your tank still just doesn't feel right. Maybe you still need to find that one special fish.

Designing an aquarium is an art, and a misplaced fish can make or break a tank if it doesn't compliment the decor. More importantly however, a fish has to be happy in your aquarium (hence the title Happy Aquarium). After all it is the fish that eats and sleeps in your tank while you play Mafia Wars, waiting for you to return and observe its mysterious beauty. Fortunately, two new fishes have come our way, and who knows, one of them could be that special fish you've been looking for.

Starting today, two beautifully unique fish are available in the Happy Aquarium store. First is the Discus Fish available at Level 19 for a mere 88 coins. Native to the Amazon River Basin, these gorgeous creatures are named for their shape, appear in various colors in the wild, and are aquarium favorites around the world.

The second fish is the peculiar Bird Wrasse. This friendly fish hails from the Indo-Pacific Region, where the Indian and Pacific Oceans collide. In the wild it grows to a sizable 30 cm in length, which is just about a whole twelve inches long! This vibrant fish lures us in with its anteater-like snout. The Bird Wrasse can be unlocked at level 34 and costs 540 coins.

So, if you've been waiting for that special fish, maybe the Discus Fish or the Bird Wrasse is the one. These exotic fish look good among most scenery so everyone should give them a shot, assuming you're above level 19. If you're below 19, keep those fish happy by feeding them and cleaning your tank, and you'll be able to buy these exotic fish in no time.